Blocking Numbers (Blacklist)

If you are receiving repeat spam calls from a particular caller ID you can use the blacklist feature to block that number from calling all of the tracking numbers on your account.

  • Log into Convirza
  • Navigate to Settings -> Customization -> Blacklist
  • Add the number you want to block to the text field and then click the Add Number To Blacklist button to the right of it
  • The number will then show up under Blocked Numbers
  • You can also delete a number from the blocked list by checking the box next to the number and clicking the Delete button
  • You can also search the Blacklist by entering a caller ID into the search bar at the top of the screen

Blocking numbers directly from reporting

You can also block numbers directly from the legacy call details report.

  • Go to Legacy Reports -> Call Details
  • find the call log where you want to block the caller ID and click the red block icon
  • After clicking the icon the number will be added to the blacklist and the icon will change to white, indicating that Caller ID is now blocked