Deactivate a Campaign

If you are planning on temporarily not use a tracking number, but may want to use it again at a later date, and want to ensure you are not charged for any minutes on that number, then you can deactivate the campaign. The campaign can be activated at a later date.

Please note you will still be charged for the number itself according to your billing plan. If you would like to archive a campaign that will remove all tracking numbers effectively, please refer to the Archive a Campaign video. If you need to delete a single number from a campaign please see how to Delete a Tracking Number video.

Follow the steps below to Deactivate a Campaign:

  • Navigate to the group where the campaign exists and select ‘Apply’.
  • Click on ‘Campaign & Tracking Number’ on the left-Sidebar
  • Find the Campaign you’d like to deactivate and click ‘Edit’.
  • Click on the ‘Active?’ switch to toggle the campaign to the inactive status as show in the example below.
  • Once the ‘Active’ switch is set from ‘YES’ to ‘NO’, select ‘Save Campaign Details’

When you are ready to activate the campaign again, follow the steps mentioned above and set the ‘Active’ switch to ‘YES’ and save.