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Integrations: Data Append

Data append is a process of Caller Reverse Phone Number Lookup.

Caller Reverse Phone Number Lookup is Convirzas's service that allows you to obtain information about the owner of a phone number by searching for the number itself. It is commonly used to identify unknown callers, verify the identity of a caller, or gather more information about a particular phone number.

When we perform a reverse phone number lookup, the tool searches through multiple databases to find any available information associated with that phone number.  The information obtained from a reverse phone number lookup varies depending on the availability of data. We query multiple databases in an effort to increase the accuracy of the returned data.  Names and addresses are only returned if they are verified by a minimum of two sources.  This is why you will see some calls without names and addresses.

Not all phone numbers may have readily available information, especially if the number is private or the owner has taken measures to protect their privacy. 

Statistically, we see the following:

Business DIDs - 85%

Business TFs - 60%

Private DIDs - 85%

Private TFs - 65%

Our optional Data Append service captures and displays third-party data associated with the caller’s phone number by performing a Reverse Phone Number Lookup. 

To enable the Data Append Service, navigate to Settings --> Integrations-->Data Append and enable the toggle.

This data is displayed in a way that provides a consolidated view of caller information and can be leveraged in many different ways to help drive strategic decision-making. We acquire complete information on over 65% of all calls, and on over 96% of calls, we acquire at least one of the following:

  • Business Name
  •  Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • Rate Center

This data will be displayed on the Call Logs report by hitting the download button and select'> 'Details'> 'Info' tab.

We also provide the report based on the Data Append information. To navigate to this report, select Reports from the left-hand menu and select Call Logs with Data Append Report from the drop-down.

The Call Logs with Data Append Report provides information about the calls, similar to the Call Logs, along with additional information about the caller, like the Caller Name, Business Name, and Address. Full call details are available to download and schedule with this caller information.


The call logs report tiles show Total Calls, Unique Calls, Answered calls, and Average duration for the calls. The grid shows all the call details, like Duration, Date/Time, Group name, Campaign name, Tracking Number name, and Ring to phone number, with caller information like Caller Name, Business Name, and Address, etc.