Outbound Tracking Number

To add an Outbound tracking number, follow the steps below

  • Add a tracking number to the desired campaign. Please refer to the Add Tracking Number New UI text/video for steps on adding a new number.
  • Go to the ‘Route Calls by’ drop-down under the ‘Configure Routing Options’
  • Select ‘outbound’ in the ‘Route Calls By’ option.
  • Create a 4 digit pin, this pin will be entered each time an outbound call is made.
  • Choose how you’d like the outbound caller id number to appear when dialing. If you want the person you're dialing to be able to call you back on one of your tracking numbers, you can select that number from the 'Set Caller Id To' dropdown list.
  • Next, add the required fields that include ‘Tracking Number Name’ and ‘Ad Source.’
  • Proceed with filling out the Advanced Tracking Number settings that fit best to your setup.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Save’.
  • If your tracking number saved successfully you will see it listed under your campaign.
  • Test outbound tracking number and check the call logs report verifying that the test call shows up.