Spam Guard

Spam Guard automatically blocks known and suspected spam calls while letting legitimate calls ring through to the business. Spam will be blocked based on the scoring thresholds set in our CAI app and what scores are reported by TrueCNAM for the calls. We default to level 3, which means for most customers we block for anything that comes back from TrueCNAM with a score of 80 or above.  That means, there could still be spam that TrueCNAM believes is low or medium. When the threshold is set at lower levels, then the higher the risk that legitimate calls could get blocked.

Product notes:

  1. You can find TrueCNAM supporting documentation at

  2. Our current default for customers in CAI is Level 3.  It can be customized by support on the backend.  Here is a breakdown of our scoring thresholds -

    Level 4 - score >= 90 && score <= 100

    Level 3 - score >= 80 && score < 90

    Level 2 - score >= 40 && score < 80

    Level 1 - score >= 0 && score < 40 

    To check TrueSpam scores manually, you can also login to the web interface and query individual numbers there as well.

  3. TrueCNAM also offers:

    A Feedback API, which is free, simple, and allows you and/or your customers to submit feedback to us indicating that a specific TN is a spam / not-spam, which feeds into our algorithms.

    Additionally, there is the ability to store custom white/blacklists on a per-customer basis, and provide TrueSpam scores based on those per-customer lists, also for free.