Zapier Onboarding Documentation -

CFA offers integration with Zapier. Zapier integration allows the calls to be imported through Zapier and the call-related data can be sent to other Zapier-connected services like Google sheets, Gmail, Hubspot, Facebook, etc. This service is only available for admin users and can be turned on and off from the billing group.

In CFA click on Settings→integration→Zapier.

This page has the option to generate an API key when the integration is enabled for the first time and copy the API key to the clipboard, copy and keep it safe.

Zapier is an automation platform that connects your work apps and does repetitive tasks for you.

The user will need to connect the accounts on the Zapier using the API key. 

Currently, the Convirza Zapier application is privately accessible, meaning any user wishing to utilize this tool will need to be set up as a user in Convirza. 

If you're already set up as an Admin user in Convirza, you should be good to go to connect zaps with CFA. You can create zaps based on triggers for single or multiple Groups, Campaigns and Tracking Numbers. The zap will trigger all the calls received on the tracking numbers related to those groups and campaigns based on the condition.

While creating the zap you should be able to see the payload. When testing the zap if you do not receive any data then please make a test call on the tracking number as per your trigger in order to make sure the zap is set up correctly. You will receive very limited data for the pre-call triggers before the call is complete and post-call triggers will return all the information related to calls like indicators and data append, DNI etc.

The following steps will explain how to configure Zapier.