Porting a Number into Convirza

To port a number into Convirza please follow the steps below (You must already have an account to port in a number):

  1. Fill out the Port Order Form
  2. If you are porting local area code number(s) sign the Local LOA or if you are porting toll free number(s) sign the Toll Free LOA. If you are porting local and toll free numbers, please sign and send in both forms
  3. Contact your current carrier (either phone carrier or call tracking company) to request a current invoice for the number(s) being ported. The invoice must include the name and address of the person authorized to make changes on that account. You may have port out fees assessed by your current carrier. If there is a port out PIN locking the numbers you will likely need to pay the port out fees before your current carrier will release the number(s) and provide you the PIN.
  4. Email the port order form, LOA(s), invoice and port out PIN (if applicable) to telecom@convirza.com with the subject line “[Local or Toll Free] Number Port [Your Account Name]”

Number porting can take several weeks to complete but often happens more quickly. It is important that you do not cancel your service with your current provider until the number is live with Convirza or you may experience an interruption in service. We also do not recommend porting over your main office phone number. For complete information on number porting see Number Porting FAQs.