What are Conversation Actions?

Conversation Actions allow you to set up post-call automations based on predefined criteria. Conversation Actions uses condition-based (if this then that) criteria to configure your automations.

You can configure an unlimited amount of conditions and an unlimited amount of actions. 

The types of actions you can configure are:

  • Send Email Alert - Email Alerts, also commonly referred to as email notifications, will send an email to an unlimited number of recipients. If White Label is included in your subscription, you will have the ability to customize the Email Alert. For more information on White Label, please review the White Label Quick Start Guide.
  • Send SMS - SMS (Short Message Service), commonly referred to as text messages, will send an SMS to an unlimited number of recipients. 
  • Tag Calls - Tags can be added to call detail records. Once a call detail record is tagged, it will then be searchable and the tag will be available in reports.
  • Trigger Webhook - Webhooks allow you to send call data to an endpoint you configure. This allows you to automatically send data to other 3rd party software applications such as a CRM, LMS, or other relationship management system. For more information on Webhooks, 
  • Flag for Call Back - Call Back is one of the reports available in Reports -> Call Logs. The Call Back report is a subset of your phone calls that you specifically want to review. 

Send Call to Google Analytics - Our Google Analytics integration allows you to integrate all call flows or individual call flows. When individual call flows is selected, you can use this Conversation Action to decide what calls are sent to Google Analytics. 

For more information on how to setup Conversation actions visit our Add Conversation Actions guide